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Privacy Policy

1. Basic Policy on Handling Personal Data

We recognize the importance of personal data, comply with laws and internal rules, and handle personal data properly in order to ensure that our customers can use our services with peace of mind and trust.

2. Definition of personal data

Personal data refers to "personal information" and "anonymous processing information" in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, as well as customer numbers, cookie information, IP addresses, and terminal identification Information about individuals, such as identification information such as IDs and location information, behavior history information related to customers such as browsing history and purchasing history, and refers to a wide range of information that can not identify an individual but has a relationship with an individual is found. Shall.

3. Handling of Personal Data

The Company handles personal data in a fair and equitable manner, from the acquisition, storage, operation and disposal of personal data.

4. Purpose of Use of Personal Data

(1) The Company’s objective of acquiring and using personal data is as follows:
①For the provision and operation of our services
②In order to respond to customer inquiries
③For employment, recruitment and personnel management

(2) The Company will use personal data to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use notified or announced in advance. However, if you use the service beyond the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use, we will respond appropriately, such as by stipulating laws and regulations and obtaining the consent of the individual.

5. In-house system

The Company appoints a general manager in charge and covers the entire company. Managing personal data.

6. How to manage personal data

In order to maintain and manage the accuracy of personal data, the Company will take various security measures to prevent unauthorized access, diversion, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of personal data.

7. Outsourcing of contractors

When outsourcing the handling of personal data, the Company concludes a contract with the contractor regarding the security management of personal data and supervises the contractor to properly manage personal data.

8. Provision of personal data to third parties

The Company will not provide personal data to third parties without the prior consent of the customer, except as permitted by law. In addition, when providing personal data other than personal information is provided by a third party, we will publish in advance the items of personal information included in the personal data and the method of providing it. If the personal data corresponds to anonymous processing information, the third party will be clearly indicated to the third party that the information pertaining to the provision is anonymous processed information.

9. Procedure for disclosure and correction of retained personal data

When the Company requests the disclosure of retained personal data, the Company shall disclose it to the principal without delay. If the personal information held by the Company is incorrect information, you can request the Company to correct, add or delete the retained personal data in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Company.

10. Contact information for requests for disclosure, correction, etc., and contact information for consultation and complaints

Osaka Chikagai Co., Ltd. General Affairs Division Telephone 06-6948-6200

11. Respect for Customer Attraction

In order to reflect the will of our customers, we will endeavor to provide opportunities for our services that use personal data, such as providing opportunities for customers to select and suspend use.

12. Ensuring transparency

We will explain the acquisition, use, and management of personal data in an easy-to-understand manner to ensure transparency.

13. Continuous improvement

We will continue to review and improve our personal data management systems and internal rules to ensure the proper provision and operation of our services. In addition, we will provide necessary education and training for employees to ensure the safe operation of personal data.

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